Custom Drone Solutions

You provide us with your requirements and we provide you with a custom tailored drone solution, along with training on safe and legal usage.

Fixed-Wing Drones

Fixed-wing drones have the capability to cover long distances and are great for land surveying, agriculture and livestock monitoring, and oil pipeline inspection. We have a variety of off the shelf airframes we can customize to fit your needs. Additionally, we can build a custom airframe if your specifications require it.

Single and Multi-Rotor Drones

Single and multi-rotor drones have a manuverability advantage over fixed-wing drones. They can be controlled in a very precise way to get to places and navigate through areas that other drones would not be able to. The tradeoff is that you generally get less flight time and therefore cannot cover as much distance as a fixed-wing drone. We customize single and multi-rotor drones to meet your specific needs.

Flight Controllers

There are many different flight controllers available for commercial drones. For our builds, we primarily select either the 3DR Pixhawk, OpenPilot CC3D, or Naze32. This selection is made based on the type of drone, the required capabilities, and the budget.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Drones do not have to be in the air. We also build custom ground vehicles that can be remotely piloted. Our team has expertise in robotics and mechanical design and can fabricate unique vehicles based on your needs.

First Person View (FPV) and HD Video Recording

All of our drone systems are capable of providing a live video feed for piloting or monitoring. Additionally, an HD camera can be incorporated into any design so that high quality video can be captured during a mission.

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