Web and Mobile Software Development

We use agile processes to develop web and mobile apps using modern frameworks and best practices. Come to us first and get it done right.

Web Apps

We develop web applications from the ground up and perform both front-end and back-end design in-house. We have expertise in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, C#, and Java. Most of our projects utilize PHP along with the Laravel Framework unless a client has a very unique problem or requires a specific development language. Many of our projects also incorporate AngularJS to provide a highly interactive user experience.

Since our focus is on completely custom apps, we don't make use of Wordpress, Drupal, or other CMS's. However, these products are a great fit for certain types of sites and if your project falls into that category we can refer you to someone who can help.

Mobile Apps

We deploy mobile apps to the iOS and Android platforms. Based on client specifications, we can advice on developing either an Apache Cordova or Native app solution. For mobile apps that need to be deployed to both iOS and Android platforms, we enjoy using the Ionic Framework.

Chrome Extensions and Apps

Building a Chrome Extension can enhance your web application in a variety of ways. Chrome Apps allow you to create cross platform apps that run within the Chrome web browser. We have expertise in both Chrome Extensions and Apps and we would be very happy to help you in this area.

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